20 Point Furnace Inspection

  1. Test for Carbon Monoxide
  2. Cycle Unit at Thermostat
  3. Furnace noise level normal
  4. Check furnace air filter – Change with new if necessary
  5. Visually inspect heat exchanger
  6. Clean cells and cabinet
  7. Clean burner and pilot
  8. Check venting configuration
  9. Check air intake capability
  10. Check limit control
  11. Check fan control
  12. Check for gas leaks
  13. Oil all motors and ports.
  14. Check venting nor rusted out etc.
  15. Change thermocouple or test
  16. Inspect Blower assembly – clean if needed
  17. Clean flame rod sensor
  18. Lubricate all bearings as needed
  19. Inspect belt and adjust tension
  20. Inspect flue and draft diverter

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